BUY GLOCK PISTOLS ONLINE , Glock pistols are sets of polymer-framed, minimal recoil-operated, lock-breech shooting style semi-automatic pistols which are designed and manufactured by the Austrian famous manufacturer: Glock Ges.m.b.H. Glock guns scaled through the test of professional shooting which eventually made it qualify for Austrian military as well as other security sectors like the Police. This model of pistol is renowned for its thorough reliability, safety mechanisms the gun is programmed with and its ruggedness.

All models of Glock guns are semi-automatic; they are designed with standard safety mechanism which prevents accidental fire and the maintenance of these guns is moderate. These guns are basically made of plastic mold unlike many other pistols that are made and assembled from steel. This special attribute makes Glock guns so light, the thinness of this plastic gives room for larger magazines to be carried by these guns. They so durable to the extent that, if they do not go through proper or regular maintenance, they will still function perfectly; as a shooter, it is advisable to always clean and maintain Glock guns in other to extend and maintain its perfect functionality for so many years.



The Glock guns house various spectacular attributes which make their model more preferable by shooters over other brands of pistols. Glock pistols have over 40 models, each of these models have various segments and tasks they are good at, and all these models share similar safety mechanism, ruggedness, durability, compactness, lightness, short recoils and many other outstanding features. Ever since Glock Ges.m.b.H started manufacturing pistols, they have been delivering and dominating in the market consistently, these numerous models of pistols often render shooters confused in making the right choice of Glock models they should buy for their respective tasks. In this article, each of these Glock pistols will be explained and their maximal preferences will be made known to you, with this, shooters will be less confused on the kind of Glock pistols they will purchase which are suitable for their tasks.

Shooters should be mindful of the fact that, generally, there is nothing like; “the best Glock pistol” this is because, each of these models serves different purposes, and apart from the general quality each of them have in common, they are used to execute different tasks. Then they are used to carry out different tasks, how can you know the right choice of Glock pistols for your profession or personal use?

  • Glock 17: Standard – 9x19mm

This Glock pistol is the original model of Glock 17 which is solely made for professionals. It is the gun accepted and used by law enforcement agencies and military personnel, not online in Austria but all over the world. The gun’s awesome features make it the recommended firearm for these government agencies; it has an outstanding reliability, 17 rounds of moderate magazine capacity belonging to the standard magazine with its low weight. The Glock 17 standard pistols are designed with the “Safe Action” firing mechanism. It has a 9mm caliber; it is safe, swift plus short recoil. Glock 17 9 Luger is ideal in times of critical circumstances. It has a 114mm barrel length, weighs 705 g without the magazine and 915 with a loaded magazine. The effective range of Glock 17 is 72mm and it has 24 N trigger pull.

  • Glock 17 gen 4: Standard – 9x19mm

This is designed with a Modular Back Strap which permits the shooter to have more influence over the gun’s grip in order to maintain balance, with or without considering the size of the shooter’s hand. The introduction of frame takes part in the composition of the new Gen 4, and it makes it to have a rough texture profile. The dual recoil designed in the internal structure of the new Glock makes it more durable by reducing the wear and tear. It has a larger magazine catch which is quite reversible; it can be changed to suit the both left-handed and right-handed shooters. It has other similar measurement details with the regular Glock 17.



  • Glock 17 gen4 MOS: Standard – 9x19mm

This is a 4th generation Glock Pistol with a MOS configuration. It is a maximally sized, optics-ready pistol which is ideal for security agency duties and self-defense. The MOS configuration enhances an easy sight mounting of a small reflex sight at the top of the pistol’s slide. Operators do not have to get a mounting system attachment or a new slide. The overall length of this model of Glock is 202 mm; it has similar measurement with the standard Glock 17.

  • Glock 19: Standard – 9x19mm

This is known as “the all-round talent” because of its versatile nature. Its reduced dimensions gives the Glock 19 9mm Luger an edge over almost all other Glock pistols when it is compared to their standard size options. Over the years, Glock 19 has been the standard firearm used in services; it is a perfect secondary weapon for law officers and due to its compactness, it is more concealable when carried. It has a 9×19 mm caliber size, has a similar safe action shooting mechanism with other Glock models, the barrel length is 4.02 inches, without magazine, it weighs 600 gram, with an empty magazine, it weighs 670 and with a fully loaded magazine, it weighs 855gram. The trigger pull is quite exception as it has 28 N.

  • Glock 19X: Compact – 9×19

This is typically Glock’s first “Crossover” Pistol. It combines the outstanding attributes of two of its most renowned and most reliable field-tested platforms. The Glock 19X is designed to suit all conditions and all circumstances; it is the combination of full sized Glock 17 frame and the common Glock 19 slide model. It is designed with first ever coyote color, with the innovative factory color slide, and eventually coated with an enhanced nPVD slide which helps to resist corrosion. Its improved designs also feature the Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB), it has no finger grooves, nor does it have a lanyard loop and an ambidextrous slide halt levers. It is equipped with a 17 round standard magazine, with a case colored in coyote. It has a 9×19 mm caliber, a Safe Action system, 102 barrel length, weighs 625 gram without magazine, and weighs 704 gram with an empty magazine and 890 with loaded magazine. It has a 26 N trigger pull.

  • Glock 26: Subcompact – 9x19mm

This Glock Model replaced the popular compact snub-nose revolvers; it equips the 9 mm Luger cartridge, a little recoil with better precision on a continuous rate of fire. The Larger magazine also suits the G26, this means that it is perfect for Glock 17 and Glock 19 backups. The barrel length of Glock 26 is 87mm, has a similar Safe Action system with other Glock models, weighs 550 gram without a magazine, and weighs 610 gram and 730 gram with empty magazine and loaded magazine respectively. Glock 26 has a trigger pull of 28 N

  • Glock 34: Competition – 9×19

This model of Glock was designed with a single aim; it was designed to nail perfect and unshaken accuracy when it comes to target engagement. It has an extended barrel unlike other Glocks, it is also designed with more stretched slide dimensions and effective range covering. According to record, this gun is highly used by wide range of people who are into competitive shooting for IPSC and some other popular shooting sports. Due to its high precision, it has been the main secondary weapon for SWAT teams over the years. It has 24 N trigger Pull, weighs 945 gram when it its magazine is fully loaded, 735 gram when its magazine is empty and 655 gram when it has no magazine. Its barrel length is 135 and it has other standard attributes of Glocks.

  • Glock 43: Subcompact – 9×19

This legendary firearm is a Single stack with 9 mm Luger caliber pistol. It is super concealable with top notch accuracy and also serves as an outstanding firepower for all shooters with or without considering the size of your hand. It is built with a beaver-tail grip with enhances tighter grip for the shooter; it is designed with an aggressive text which engineers comfortability and reliability during operation. The large size of the magazine makes it easy for removing and changing the six round magazines. Its standard and optional magazine capacity is 6; it has a barrel length of 86.5 mm, weighs 460 gram without the magazine, and weighs 510 and 585 with an empty magazine and with a loaded magazine respectively.



  • Glock 45:Compact – 9x19mm

This is a compact crossover pistols with 9×19 mm caliber size, it houses both compact slide and a fully sized frame and it combined all the advantages of 5th generation Glock models. It is ideal for military and law enforcement agencies. It has a standard magazine capacity of 17, other optional capacities are: 17, 19, 24, 31 and 33.the barrel length is 102 mm with a 616 gram weight without a magazine, I weighs 694 gram with an empty magazine and 860 gram with a loaded magazine. it has a 26 N trigger pull.

  • Glock 22 cut: Standard – 0.40 S&W

All the cutaway models of Glock pistols are manufactured in order to suit tactical and technical purposes. They have literal internal mechanisms and they are also ideal for shooting trainings.

There are other myriad models of Glock pistols that will suit your taste no matter what you want to use them for. Below are some of the websites where you can get wide selection of Glock models:


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