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Firearms simply mean any moveable barreled weapon that fires; it is designed to fire shots, bullets as well as projectiles that are triggered by an explosive, this does not apply to antique firearms or copies. Antique firearms and their copies (replica) are firearms which are manufactured in the 1899s; their operations are quite different from the modern firearms designed in the past decade. Each category of firearm has its component; most of these firearms do not share the same components because they differ in size, functions, etc. Firearm parts and components mean the elements (or refined replacement) that are specifically designed for different firearms and important to their operations. These components are: BARREL: this is part of the most important part of any gun; it is present in all ranged weapons such as handguns, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and sub-machine guns. The barrel is the straight firing tube often made of highly thick rigid metal; this is the channel where a combined continuous expansion of multi-pressured gas propels the project of the gun out of the end at a relatively quick and high velocity. The empty inner part of the barrel is what is known as “the bore” and the diameter measurement of the bore is referred to as its caliber which is often measured in inches or millimeters.


FRAME OR RECEIVER: This is another crucial component that integrates some other internal parts of the gun such as the hammer, firing pin, bolt or breechblock, and extractor; and also it has a fixed channel for externally attached components which are: the barrel, trigger mechanism, stock and iron or optical sights. The receiver is also made of machined and forged steel or aluminum. Highly innovations have been made to the traditional components of the frame; these innovations resulted in the creation of polymers and sintered powders form of metal to receiver construction. SLIDE OR CYLINDER: when considering a fully or semi-automatic pistol, the slide is the upper component that reciprocates “slides” in alignment with the recoil whenever a gun is fired. Generally, is it the bolt carrier group (BCG) and also plays a side role of the receiver; it houses the shooting pin or striker, depending on the action type of the gun, it also contains the extractor and the barrel. The slide makes it possible for all other mounting parts such as iron and optical sights. The slide often moves backward in guns with short recoil, when each bullet is shot. BOLT OR BREECH BLOCK: this is a continuous, breech-loading guns that obstruct the rear space (breech) of the barrel chamber in the process the propellant burns, and travels from the back to the front to execute the loading and unloading processes of the cartridge from the magazine. The bolt often combined the firing pin as well as the extractor. In firearms that are solely gas-operated, the bolt serves as a hostage for the bigger Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) which houses incremental parts that take in the rearward push released from the gas tube. In some firearms that are manually operated such as: Pump action rifles and shotguns, Lever-action, and bolt-action, the bolt is held in a rigid point by its locking lugs in the process of firing the gun, which eventually propels the expanding gas to move forward, at this moment, the operator has to manually unlock it and cock it to release the spent casing and give pace for another round. This is not so with self-loading firearms, professionally referred to as fully or semi-automatic firearms. The bolt automatically moves back and forward when every shot is fired; the recoil pulls it backward and the spring pushes it forward. These are the major components of every firearm, in some cases; attachments are often made to further brace a particular firearm such as a suppressor which is used to greatly reduce the sound made by the firearm when shot. Some larger firearms do not have suppressors because of their size and mostly, because they produce way too much noise. TYPES OF FIREARMS
These are long-barreled firearms, they are mostly held and shot with two hands and are often shot from the shoulder to achieve better precision. They have several spiral grove cuts present in the barrel (this process is what is known as rifling) causing a swift spin to a single projectile.
This firearm shares the same shooting tactic with riffles i.e. it is shot from the shoulder. It has no riffling present in the barrel, and it is crafted to release a larger number of small projectiles when shot instead of single projectiles (a bullet).
This is a fully-automatic gun that is shot in rapid succession. This means that, once the trigger is held, the gun loads and fires ammunition at a very fast sequence until the trigger held is released or the ammunition finishes or, in a very rare situation if the machine gun is jammed.
This mini-machine gun can be held with one hand, it belongs to the category of handguns. The firearm is relatively light and consists of handgun cartridge types that are relatively low in energy. Sub-machine can be fired from the hand, as well as the hip or shoulder.
this is a firearm with a limited number of chambers present in its cylinder. These chambers can only be manually loaded in alignment with the cartridge of suitable calibers. As this rotary cylinder moves, positioning the cartridge under the hammer, once the trigger is pulled and released, the cartridge is fired.
This firearm is crafted for a more automatic operation. Unlike revolvers, the cartridge is loaded into a magazine which is then inserted into the pistol. The cartridge reloads automatically as the trigger is pulled; there are other models of semi-automatic pistols. This model is a pistol that fires bullets only when the trigger is pulled. On the contrary, an automatic pistol is capable of firing multiple cartridges when the trigger is pulled just once until the operator releases the trigger or the ammunition finishes from the magazine. ONLINE STORES YOU CAN BUY FIREARMS This store sells sports firearms as well as professional guns. Once you get to their website, you can shop for different categories of guns ranging from pistols, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, optic-ready handguns, and black powder guns. After browsing the store for the guns of your choice, you will add the selection to the cart and you will complete the transaction by inputting your location for delivery and making your payment through the means provided by the store. This online store makes firearm shopping convenient for all of its potential buyers. They offer all categories of firearms, and buying from their online store is simple. Buyers have to select the kind of firearm they want, and it will be shipped right to the buyers’ location from the nearest enchantment’s retail store. Pickup means of delivery are the default form used by the enchantment store. Whereas, if buyers want to get their goods delivered to their doorsteps, all government requirements must be met and verified, plus, a background check will be executed before door delivery can be done. Buyers must be aware of the appropriate laws guiding the possession of firearms in their locality, whether it is federal, state, or local law. Prominent guns sold at enchantment stores are rifles, shotguns, and all kinds of handguns. This online store offers free shipping on all of their products; they sell firearms and ammo as well as other crucial gun accessories. They help to preserve buyers’ security and their customer support is one of the best, they ensure that buyers shop safely and they have a special package of easy returns provided the buyer doesn’t like what is delivered to him. enchantment wholesale is approved by the government and they are authorized to ship to all locations. They sell tactical firearms, handguns, shotguns, AR-15, and many more. This online store offers free shipping on all of their products; they sell firearms and ammo as well as other crucial gun accessories. They help to preserve buyers’ security and their customer support is one of the best, they ensure that buyers shop safely and they have a special package of easy returns provided the buyer doesn’t like what is delivered to him. Delta Fire Arm is approved by the government and they are authorized to ship to all locations. They sell tactical firearms, handguns, shotguns, AR-15s, and many more.
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BUY BERETTA PISTOLS ONLINE Beretta pistols are one of the best pistols all over United States, this pistol’s quality performance makes it stound out among many other models and also makes it qualified to be used by some law enforcement agencies and the Armed forces of the United States. These Semi-automatic pistols were put in role in the military service in 1985, and since then, the pistol has been their regular primary sidearm, this makes the popularity of the Beretta pistols known to many. Beretta is a semi-automatic pistol, mostly equipped with 9mm caliber. The pistol originated from Italy and the United States, it is produced by a manufacturer called: Beretta, the pistols have witnessed myriads of wars such as: Operation Just Cause, Somali Civil War, Iraq War, War in Afghanistan, Global War on Terrorism, Persian Civil War, and Kosovo War. The worth of Beretta model is as high as anything you would think about, the dominance, the utility and the value it holds. As a matter of fact, in the 1980s, a model of Beretta pistol won a competition while beating other models in the consideration of which firearm would be the primary sidearm of United States forces.



There are so many variants of Beretta, and some of them will be discussed in this article; and you will be guided on the places and how to safely order Beretta pistols perfect for you recreation, whether it is a competition, mild hunting, home defense and other ones. The Action of most Beretta pistols is usually short recoil with 9x19 mm cartridge size; the maximum range of fire a Beretta can cover is 100 meters while its effective firing range is 50 meters. The standard magazines for this pistol is 15 rounds and also has 17 round magazines which is built with a detachable box, other rounds this pistol can take are: 10, 5, 17, 18, 20 and the maximum is 30 rounds. It is built with an iron sight. These are some of the models of Beretta pistols and their details: BERETTA 92X FULL SIZE This is one of the best models of Beretta pistol, according research; it has proven to be utterly the most reliable in the collection of M9 family. it is universally designed to enhance users’ comfort while operating it, some of these ergonomic features are: the standard backstrap profile frame which is straight (this enhance the grip of the operator and also encourages smooth maintenance),this feature is also combined with a new flat and all-round quality textured grips. This feature further contributes to the universality of the 92X grip by various operators. 92X full size also house some other awesome features such as Combat sights, improved shooting control, plus an extended magazine offload which results to a top notch pistols with incredible performance which is perfect for versatile shooting competitions and also, for defensive utility. The action of this pistol is double and can also be used as single; it has a 9mm caliber with 15 round magazines. The versatile nature of the modern class 92X makes it the best in the market, with is dominating features, this pistol is designed to serve all purposes which the modern professional shooters demand; plus the maintenance is smooth and it is totally users’ friendly.
This model of 92X has both double and single action with a 9mm caliber and 13 round magazines. the barrel length of this pistol is 108 mm; Like most other Beretta models, 92X Compact has a semi-automatic shooting mechanism with a rail, the sights are “High Visibility Orange/Black” plus “Bruniton Slide finish” The modern classic model is designed for home and personal defense and also ideal for all competitions. It has a unique thin grip “Vertec-Style” which is suitable for swift and instinctive point-ability.
This is another unique sub-model of 92X Beretta, it combined both single and double action style with a 9 mm Caliber and 15 rounded magazine. It caliber brand is 9x19 (PARA) with a semi-automatic firing mechanism. The FR Centurion has 108 barrel length with 17 round magazines, with a rai. It shares same sight – High Visibility Orange/Black - with 92X compact with 808 gram weight when loaded. Its thin grip style enables shooters with a relatively smaller hand to have a better grip while operating; on the same wise, the rigid all-round polymer wrapped around the pistol also give the shooters with larger hands the have more influence over the grip of the gun.


The main target of creating the 92X performance is to beat the highest level of “Guns speed and total accuracy” this new model of Beretta pistols aims at delivery top performance when it comes to speed and accuracy; it, by far, sets a mark for versatility while engaging in the competitive world with its reliability, effective locking systems, plus a steel frame and a weight-filled brigadier slide. Its new outstanding S-trigger mechanism enhances its rate of firing, this makes it one of the fastest semi-automatic pistols which Beretta has ever produced, and it is quite dominating the overall world of handguns. The components of 92X Performance greatly influenced the weight of the gun as it hikes it up to 1350 gram; this helps the gun to maintain its stability and moderate rise in the muzzle in the process of shooting. It is built with an oversized magazine and a rear “chequering”; these components enhance the pistol’s handling just as much as it moderates its grip. The frame profile raised near the magazine offload gives the shooter an improved grip while his hand sits comfortably at a favorable height on the hilt which is relatively bigger than usual and contributes to deeper hold. Although the magazine release of 92X Performance is oversized, its reversible and adjustable components are available in the market. The ambidextrous safety frame of the gun is available in three sizes, this makes the gun ideal for both left handed and right handed operators; and it also houses numerous IPSC divisions. The 92X performance combines a Skeletonized hammer which contributes to the guns swift cycle of time. It has dual action styles: Single & Double, a barrel length of 125 mm, and 15 rounds magazine.
This is the ultimate and most renowned pistol in the Px4 Storm Family. This light-weighted hammer-fire and gun was developed by Beretta manufacturer with collaboration with Ernest Langdon. The gun was built in other to serve the utmost purpose of accuracy, safety and reliability. Px4 literally featured some unique attributes of rotary barrel design, improved ammo capacity and a moderate trigger pull. This carry gun incorporates the silent levers combined with night sights and a relatively softened trigger pull. This innovated model of compact carry is equipped with a full size frame plus the slide, this enhances a farther sight plane and improved capacity coupled with two 17 round magazines and a single 20 round magazine. The rotary system helps in moderating the recoil energy and eventually reducing the muzzle rise. The Px4 Storm carry has both single and double action style, has a barrel length of 102, 9x19 (PARA) caliber with a standard 17 rounds magazine. Its relative weight is 785 when unloaded.
This pistol is dominating primary firearm used by the Military and Law enforcement. It was designed to serve the need of services pistols and also meet customers’ demand; its main aim to deliver in tactical shooting competitions and home or personal defenses. It is mostly used by professionals due to its tactical performance. Just like other Beretta products, it has both single and double action styles; it has 127 barrel length and a 9x19 caliber. It houses 10-17 round magazines, and weighs 944 gram when it is unloaded.


This belongs to the APX Series family; it is a sub-compact carry size pistol with a standard 6+1 flush or sometimes with pinky extension and with an 8+1 extended magazine. The gun is literally meant for professional shooters such as the military and law enforcement agencies who are in need of ultra-concealable sidearm. The APX CARRY FDE has a distinctive “Striker-Fired” action style with 9 mm caliber and 6/8 round magazine. This compact pistol has a barrel length of 78 mm. its serialized chassis can be removed and be modified easily with detachable grip frame housing. The APX has an ergonomic feature which permits it to be used by different size of hands; the slide catch can easily be influenced with a “Low-Bore Axis”, its magazine release is quite reversible, coercive slide serrations with a comfortable DAO trigger style. Other models of APX CARRY are:
There are other numerous models of Beretta pistols such as:
  • PX4 STORM COMPACT and many more.
In order to buy the Beretta pistols online, you can visit any of these website:  
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