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Ghost Hybrid Holster – Arex Zero 1

The new Ghost holster, the Hybrid, is the latest development for the sports field. The new holster is suitable for any kind of shooter. The mounting system for the Hybrid has a fixed position for a very tight fit on the belt. GHOST uses a premium unbreakable Techno Polymer that can be thermoformed to fit your pistol design and allows you to customize the retention of your draw.
Our Hybrid holster is ideally suited for single stack (IPSC), production and standard sport shooting divisions. It guarantees fast and safe drawing. The Hybrid belt attachment is perfect for competition thanks to the low position offset from the body.



Right Hand, Left Hand


Ghost THE ONE EVO IPSC Holster – Arex Zero 1

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The Ghost One Evo is the evolution of the first holster created by Amadini Sandro. Available for the most popular gun. Best speed drawing holster.

Ghost Thunder 3G Holster with Dervet System

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The Thunder 3G holster is suitable for sport shooting in the categories single stack (IPSC), production, and standard. It is made of unbreakable techno polymer, thermoformed for many specific pisco types and complete with adjustable retention. With the special opening Clip D, we can remove the complete holster from the belt with a simple movement

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